Executive Board Members
Valeeta Bennet

Valeeta has been teaching ESL since 2007, and is the Head Program Coordinator/Registrar at London Language Institute and the Activity Program Coordinator at Huron University College.  She has studied, lived and taught overseas and she applies the knowledge she's gleaned from these experiences to her classroom.

She is active in her professional development and continued education, and is the curriculum developer of the Canadian Academic English Language Preparation course for the official CAEL Assessment.  She is also a contributing editor for Grass is Black: ESL Sound Dictionary.  Valeeta is grateful that she has the opportunity to interact with her students both in the classroom and in cultural excursions.  She is serving in TESL London as President Elect and promises that when she is inaugurated as President, she will build no walls...

Jennifer Jones
Past President

xmas Jennifer         


Jennifer has been in the ESL field since 2003,  and has worked overseas in Osaka, Japan and in Canada.  She has been teaching ESL and Academic Preparation since 2005 and is currently Head of Academics and Head TESOL Coordinator.

Jennifer has also done teacher training for Fanshawe College's TESL Ontario program for the past year.  Jennifer has designed curriculum for all ESL levels and was a contributing editor for Judy Thompson's Grass is Black ESL Sound Dictionary.

In her free time, Jennifer enjoys Pilates, yoga and all things Doctor Who.

Zainab Abdel-Gawad
President Elect



Zainab will provide details shortly.

Marian Holley
Affiliate Representative


Marian is a part-time faculty member in the TESL program at Fanshawe College as well as a full-time ESL Instructor PBLA CLB 2-5 in the Adult ESL program at Thames Valley District School Board in London, Ontario.  Over the past six years she was worked as an EAP Instructor in several Ontario universities and colleges. In addition she has taught EFL at three universities in Beijing: Peking University (July 2015 and July/August 2014), and two of University of Waterloo’s partner universities (Fall 2013).  She also works part-time as an IELTS Speaking and Writing Examiner. She has a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Queen’s University, a Masters degree from Tyndale University in Toronto, a TES/FL graduate diploma from Algonquin College, MA TESOL from Trinity Western University, TESL Trainer Certification in Theory and Methodology, and active TESL Ontario membership. She has been a presenter at TESL Canada 2015 and TESL Ontario 2012.  She speaks English, French, and Indonesian. She enjoys spending time with her six young adult children whom she affectionately calls her ‘beloved sixpack’!
Jen Artan
Communications Chair


Jen joined TESL London in June, 2013 as Communications Chair.  She has been an active teacher/instructor with TVDSB since 2009.  Prior to that, Jen taught ESL in Istanbul, Turkey to adult learners.   Jen has a background in Human Resources Management, and has found a way to bring this training into the ESL classroom.  She is currently undertaking her Masters in Education from UOIT, and is TESL Ontario's Webinar Manager.

Jen is exploring Learning Management Systems and their applicability to the ESL classroom and has been working with both Desire2Learn and Moodle, with the LearnIT2Teach program. She is currently piloting Google Apps for Education with her Specialized Language Training (SLT) group.

Currently teaching/instructing her SLT program at Wheable (Small Business or Retail), she somehow manages to find time for her sewing circle, book club and competitive taxidermy. 
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Milka Stupar



Bei Zhang
PD Chair
    Bei Zhang

I am an international student from China, now studying in the MA in Education Studies program at Western University. My interests are second language teaching and learning, and ESL teachers’ self-beliefs about pronunciation teaching in class. My desire is to provide teachers and students with new ways to approach their profession, teaching, and learning.

I became a member of TESL London in 2013 and won the Adult International Student Award at the Wine and Cheese in 2015. I started teaching ESL in 2016 at London Language Institute. I was fortunate enough to meet my colleagues who always support me. In 2017, I started my volunteer as the Chair of the Events Committee for TESL London. My goal now is to make use of my knowledge, experience, and resources to serve our members in the future.

Brian Courtney
  Brian Courtney stepped in as our Events Chair in early 2016.
Wanda McKay

Paula Medina     Wanda's profile info coming shortly