Welcome to TESL London
TESL London is one of  twelve TESL Ontario affiliates that provide regional professional development and networking opportunities to professionals involved in English language acquisition in Ontario, Canada.

TESL London strives to

  • support professional development and networking opportunities in London;
  • represent London region issues and concerns to TESL Ontario; 
  • support and reinforce the objectives of TESL Ontario and to liaise with affiliates;
  • promote and recognize the local English Language Learner community;
  • operate in a fiscally responsible manner within standard accounting practices.


TESL London: History

TESL London has been an affiliate of TESL Ontario since 1976 when there were 43 members in the group, and an executive of only 4 members. Today, TESL London has grown to over 200 members with an Executive of 10 members. TESL London liases with adult and LINC programs as well as the elementary, secondary, tertiary and for-profit sectors.

The earliest records we have of activity in the London Affiliate is the programme of a Conference held on Oct. 2nd, 1976. Even at that early date, the Conference was quite an ambitious affair which included three workshop sessions with a choice of 3 or 4 workshops for each session, a keynote speaker, Lillian Butovshky from the Citizenship Bureau in Toronto, a lunch and a book display.

Since that time, we have held annual AGMs, social Spring Flings and wine and cheese events, book fairs, workshops, and conferences.  These activities provide teachers and instructors a venue for networking and keeping in touch with each other, sharing teaching/learning strategies, viewing new materials from publishers, and rejuvenating their commitment to professional development.

In 1999, TESL London established annual awards to acknowledge the accomplishments and contributions of English Language Learners (ELL) at the elementary, secondary and adult levels and the contributions of agencies that support learners. We also maintain bursaries that members can access for attending and presenting at conferences.


TESL London: Executive Board

The TESL London Executive is made up of 10 members. They meet monthly throughout the academic year to make decisions concerning TESL London.  Their purpose is to act on behalf of members to fulfill the mission and goals of TESL London. 

Executive members are elected for a 1 year term by the membership and are eligible for re-election for a second or third term. At the end of the third term, they must step down from their position but can be voted into a different executive position.  This excludes the President position which is officially a 3-year-term and the Affiliate Representative which is a minimum of 2 years. There are also 4 committees that executive members chair:  Membership, Events, Professional Development, and Communications.


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