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Youtube Video showing ELF student dictations:

ELF Pronunciation:
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Ed Tech Tool

This is a website that lists, in table form, recent, relevant and useful Edtech.  Check it out here:


Splendid Speaking.Com

This is a list of ten sites which provide a range of services from simple-to-use text-only creative tools to those that allow users to create highly interactive media presentations. With the exception of ‘Newspaper Clipping Generator’, the sites featured offer access to user-generated content, which you might want to check out first before deciding whether to promote a particular site to your students


A fantastic photo/picture catalogue made by ESL teachers for ESL teachers.  Copyright/royalty free images.  Check out the website for any number of pictures, arranged by catagories.  Feel free to contribute your own pictures to the group as well.  The group also has a Facebook site.

Read Works.Org
Free to join.  Multi-levels.  Has competency-based reading tasks (skill and strategy lesson)  on various subjects.  Pre-made questions and exercises ready to download or print.  When registering,  don’t worry that it asks for a U.S. postal code.  Type in a Cdn. one and it still accepts you.  Much of the content is non-fiction and suitable for adults. 

ReadWorks is a leading national non-profit organization that provides FREE, research-based, and Common Core-aligned reading comprehension curriculum. The ReadWorks curriculum is based on the most highly regarded, proven research on reading instruction, and includes:

Take a Tour!

Take our two-minute site tour for a quick intro to ReadWorks:

Take the extended tour for a more in-depth explanation of how to effectively use ReadWorks' research-based lessons and passages. This video is perfect to show at a  professional development meeting...

Research Based Tutoring of English Spelling

This White Paper looks at the importance of spelling in modern society and reviews current research. It further illustrates how spelling is taught in a traditional setting and compares it with the new tutoring processes designed by eSpindle Learning.


Learn That Word

Do you know the 1,500 most commonly misspelled words in the English language? We do! LearnThatWord's customized spelling coach will make sure you'll get them right every time, while effectively building your active vocabulary.

If your spelling skills are pretty good, choose "Just quiz me on the most commonly misspelled words" at sign-up. LearnThatWord will then focus on practicing vocabulary words that are known "trouble makers."


Literacy and Essential Skills Online Resources


The Ministry of Advanced Education and Technology has compiled the following selection of literacy and essential skills online resources to be used by educators who assist learners with reading, writing, listening, speaking, numeracy and computer skills. Many of these tools are easy-to-print and can be used by teachers in a classroom setting or by learners independently. Other interactive resources can be used by learners online, or in some cases, programs can be downloaded for use on a classroom computer.