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»   #ISTE2017 @tesllondon is out the door...waiting patiently at Toronto Pearson. San Antonio via Chicago! Tired but r… {view link}

»   No where, alas. But I've been wanting to do it for a few years now. Looking forward to it. {view link}

»   TESL London is on the move this summer.Heading off to one of the largest educational technology conferences ISTE201… {view link}

»   RT @XTheRealBrianX: Learning about haptic presentation with @WmActon from @TrinityWestern and Marion Holley from @FanshaweCollege and @tesl

»   @FanshaweCollege Fantastic apprenticeship and trades show today {view link}

»   @tesllondon Thomas Farrell on reflective practice {view link}

»   @tesllondon conference- lots of great ideas and energy today. {view link}

»   Looking forward to seeing members at the TESL @tesllondon spring conference tomorrow at King's College! {view link}

»   Thought default was view only... thanks! No major edits done, though! Settings changed. {view link}

»   TESL London Spring Conference registration is up - take a look: {view link}

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