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Community English Language Projects
June 29, 2011
At Advance Consulting for Education INC we are firm believers in making a difference, however small, in the global community.  One of the ways we want to make a small contribution is to help communities in developing countries with English language education initiatives.  To meet this objective we founded a new division of ACE called ACE Community English Language Education Projects.  Projects run through this non-profit division promote English language teaching and learning through small, community-based projects in which either ACE trainers or graduates of ACE English language teacher training courses participate.

Kivumu, Rwanda

In mid-2010 we were introduced to the Father Vjeko Centre in Kivumu, Rwanda by a graduate of the ACE TESOL Certificate program, Jayne Carlielle. The Centre is a training facility for young people in the area who need vocational skills for employment. Many students in the area cannot go to school beyond primary school.  The center provides practical training for jobs needed in the community, like masonry, tailoring and carpentry.

Jayne and her family had recently travelled to Rwanda to volunteer at the Father Vjeko Centre.  Jayne indicated that recent national policy implementations in Rwanda had switched Rwanda’s language for education from French to English.  This had left the teachers in the area and at the Centre in need of English language training (See article: French-speaking Rwanda turns to English). Seeing a need that ACE could fill, ACE President Dianne Tyers, Jayne and the ACE team crafted the first ACE Community English Language Education Project.  Jayne and ACE trainer Cherie Plamping , travelled to Rwanda from December 26th 2010 to January 16th 2011 to complete an intensive 105 hour English language teacher training course at the Father Vjeko Centre.   Read a full article on the project from the Red Deer Advocate:   Red Deer College instructors travel to Rwanda

 Cherie Jayne Carlielle sacrificed Christmas in Canada and volunteered their time to work with vocational school teachers and local primary school teachers to share teaching ideas and to work on English language teaching skills.  ACE provided the coordination of the trip logistics, the costs of the flights, insurance and travel immunization, the curriculum and materials for the course.

We weren’t sure what outcomes to expect from our first non-profit project.  But when word came from Cherie and Jayne, it was only good news.  Cards and letters from the participants in the project were evidence the success of the program. The participants were eager to see the course return the following year! For newsletters and updates on the project click here.

With such an overwhelmingly good report from Rwanda, we immediately began the next Community English Language Education Project.

Rurrenbaque, Bolivia

For the second project we invited graduates of our teacher training courses to submit proposals for development work anywhere in the world but with a few requirements. The candidate had to teach English, volunteer their time and commit to a period of between two weeks and three months. It was not long before Cathie Aalders-Taylor called to talk about the remote town of Rurrenbaque, Bolivia and a small tour company, Bala Tours, that she wanted to help.

Cathie’s project was already underway when she contacted us.  Her project consisted of a three month course in English for tourism for tour guides in Bolivia with a team of six experienced Canadian teachers.  Again, during the project ACE was pleased to hear such amazing feedback about the teachers’ work in Bolivia. Cathie consistently updated ACE with interesting and entertaining reports. Despite some cultural hiccups and some torrential rain and flooding, Cathie and her team made the project a success and class sizes grew in the three months they were there. For more details on Cathie, her team and the project in Rurrenbaque click here.

Casa Guatemala, Guatemala

Our newest Community English Language Education project involves Christina Perkins, a graduate of our ACE TESOL Certificate program. Christina is on her way to spend three months in Guatemala to teach English to young learners. Christina will be teaching at Casa Guatemala, a shelter for abandoned, abused and orphaned children.  ACE will support Christina with practical resources for the organization, some curriculum, and travel expenses.

ACE Community English Language Education projects is really just a mobilizer.  Jayne, Cherie, Cathie and her team and Christina are only a few of the many ACE graduates willing to volunteer their time to make a small difference in developing countries.  We are happy to be there to provide the support, whether it is in the form of advice, course materials, teacher resources or financial assistance.  We are eager to see this new division of our company grow. We are in the unique position to be able to mobilize ACE graduates to nurture positive growth in small communities around the world as well as to provide expert advice based upon our years of experience in English language education. We think this is a winning combination.

For more about ACE see  For more about ACE Community English Language Projects see our site  for updates and pictures from our volunteers or email for more information.

ACE, founded in 2001 and based in Mississauga, Ontario, works with partner education institutions in eight locations across Canada to deliver a suite of accredited English language teacher training courses. We have trained over a thousand teachers in the last ten years.  Our partner in London, ON is the London Language Institute.  For more information about ACE see or contact Amanda Palias at



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