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This blog is to share our resources, book reviews, tips and ideas as a community of language professionals.  If you would like to be a regular contributor, please send an email and an example of a blog post to


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Edutech Tools
August 7, 2016
While it is still summer vacation, I know that many of us are beginning to think about the fall.  Most teachers I know spend at least some of their holidays creating or editing lessons, finding material, or organizing for the next term. 

Recently I've decided to keep the edutech tools I use in one place, one location, to share with colleagues, and to REMEMBER.  On more than one occasion I've thought, oh yes, there is a perfect tool for this, but what is it called?  I've used it before in conference, or I've come across it on Flipboard or Twitter...

Thus, I've created a "Padlet", which by the way, is a great tool unto itself.  Learners can use a virtual wall to post ideas, introductions, resources, etc.  The wall can then be saved or downloaded by the teacher.  Perhaps this could be one way to archive and record needs assessments a la PBLA?  My padlet can be reached here:

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