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Conference 2018
by TESL London Communications Chair

Title of Conference: "Mastering Materials - Using, Re-using, Creating and Discussing Materials in Adult English Language Classrooms"

Materials play a large part in our teaching practices.  As educators, we are often confounded by the sheer amount of material available in some areas, and distressed to find relatively nothing in a different area.  This year, TESL London shines the spotlight on useful, relevant, interactive and engaging materials and resources for our audience of learners in our Spring Conference, 2018, to be held at Huron College in London Ontario on May 5, 2018.

Come together with TESL London to discuss ideas, tools, and best practices related to materials in Adult English Language Learning classrooms.  Do you have your own materials that you have created and that you would like to share?  Do you have a favourite resource or material that you would like to highlight with our members?  Do you use technology to create material for your classroom?