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This blog is to share our resources, book reviews, tips and ideas as a community of language professionals.  If you would like to be a regular contributor, please send an email and an example of a blog post to


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What is Evidence-Based Assessment?
March 26, 2017

What is Evidence-Based Assessment?

By Susan Stitt

First, it’s important to define what assessment is. As educators, I think that we can all agree on the importance of assessment as a process of collecting, examining and using data which is verifiable by means of observation, or experiment.   [READ MORE]

Active Learning Techniques
June 22, 2015

ENGAGE  LEARNERS WITH ACTIVE LEARNING TECHNIQUES By: Barb DeWit Learn by doing. Experiential learning motivates learners to solve problems, recall past experiences, and be actively involved.  Simulation is one type of experiential learning. An example of this is acting out a medical situation, with one learner acting as the patient and another learner actingnbsp;as […] [READ MORE]

Tech Corner - iPads in the Classroom?
June 21, 2015

Flipboard I've recently been tuned into FlipBoard.  FlipBoard is a social network aggregation - a site that compiles "magazines" of topics in which you've indicated an interest.  I'm following Blended Learning, ESL, Innovation, Teaching with Tech, etc.  Flipboard then sends out its internet minions to scour blogs, news-sites, etc. for anything […] [READ MORE]

Conferencing Online in January – Aren't You Glad You Don’t Have to Find Parking?
January 24, 2015

I have to admit that this past week has been a bit of a blur.  It seems to be the chosen time of the winter season to have a PD session.  Here at TESL London, we did exactly that, and had our mini winter PD last Wednesday with Diane Ramanathan  […] [READ MORE]

TESL Ontario Conference - Day 1
October 16, 2014
I've now been up and running for 15 hours straight.  Today's conference workshops have flown by.   What can I say about today?  I now recognize people from previous years.  I see faces I have only ever seen digitally (i.e. online).  While going down a huge escalator, I recognized Rob McBride from LearnIT2Teach going up the escalator beside me.  "You're Rob McBride!"  I shouted.  As the escalators rapidly sent us in opposite directions, he figured out who I was and gave a small wave. [READ MORE]

28 - 5 Unexpected Lessons from Tech
July 28, 2014
This blog is from  Writer: Iram Khan 5 Unexpected Lessons from TECH

When our school received our first cart filled with 30 brand new, shiny iPads. My principal at the time, Jackie Howard, said to me, “Iram, this is all going to be you.” I went home that evening terrified. Tech doesn’t like me, it NEVER works. I don’t know what she was thinking!


Get Your Conference On...
April 30, 2014
Spring Conference/Awards Banquet 2014  

 No doubt anyone who has read this blog already knows I'm a conference junky.  I genuinely get a lot out of attending and presenting in conferences.  Keeps me on my toes!  [READ MORE]

Conference Diaries #3 – And Now For Something Completely Different…
February 1, 2014

On January 24, I was able to participate in an all-day conference “Realize14” which featured presenters from across Canada speaking on a number of relevant and useful topics.   The workshops that I participated in were each excellent and generated a lot of buzz.  Did I mention that the conference was organized in Winnipeg?  Did I need to mention that it’s January?  But…no need to worry about the snow, ice, and natural gas explosions because this conference was entirely online. [READ MORE]

Conference Diaries #2 - Finding Your Funny Bone
November 24, 2013
In the first "Conference Diaries" I talked about what I learned from the  technology workshops; in this entry I will explore Tim Westhead's workshop seminar "Survive and Thrive with Humour".


Conference Diaries...
November 2, 2013

It is conference time again!  TESL Ontario just had its conference in Toronto at the Sheraton/Allstream Centre.  What I'd like to do here is to record and share conference experiences.  To begin with, the experiences will be mine, but I have asked colleagues to contribute to this blog. 

Top Five Tips for Teaching Vocabulary
January 22, 2012

What is the most important aspect of learning a language?  That’s right, the big V word – vocabulary.  When I ask students what they think they need to become better at English, the #1 answer I get is learning more vocabulary.  My immediate thought was whether I, as a teacher, could help students learn vocabulary or whether it was something they had to do entirely on their own.  [READ MORE]

Avoiding Death by PowerPoint - Ryan Walmsley
October 11, 2011
Abraham Maslow provided the educational community with two things that have continued to shape our perceptions. The first is his eponymous hierarchy of needs, which has taught us that students will be less motivated to learn if they are starving, or traumatized, or experiencing difficulty forging meaningful relationships. His second gift was his admonition against overusing familiar devices. [READ MORE]

Teaching Mixed Levels
March 18, 2011

When you are teaching a class with multiple levels, choose content or a skill to teach that is applicable to all levels, but give variations of tasks or texts that fit your students language levels. For example... [READ MORE]