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Conference Diaries #3 – And Now For Something Completely Different…
February 1, 2014

Realize 14 - MyEnglishOnline

Yes, Realize14 was developed by the outstanding team at MyEnglishOnline as a series of live webinars scheduled throughout the day on January 24.  Participants filled out a registration form, and then tuned in to the website on the day of the conference and entered whatever workshop caught their fancies.

In total, I participated in 5 webinars. The “Infographics” workshop stands out, particularly, by Faith Marcel.  For me, I learned some useful tips and links that I have already used and uploaded onto my LMS.  Another webinar that I attended was by LearnIT2Teach.  It was developed primarily for administrators, but I was curious about how the LIT2T crew would present their material, and what updates they had. 


Webinars - PJs and Hot Chocolate!

In the webinars themselves, and you know this if you have ever participated in a live one, participants can chat, ask questions, post links, etc. in the sidebar, which is visible to everyone.   It brought the whole experience more to life.  Instructors, administrators, and others introduced themselves, groaned about the weather (except for the cheeky instructor signing in from a Costa Rican vacation), and added valuable insights.

There were some bumps in the road; the original server flaked out and everyone had to log on to the secondary one, so this resulted in some initial delays.  Overall, though, it was run smoothly and it succeeded in engaging the audience.

That said, if I had a choice, I would prefer to do my conferences in person.  However, I would not have wanted to have been in person for this particular conference.  In Winnipeg.  In January.  So, Spring, Summer, Fall – let me travel.  Winter, let me hibernate, or log on to a lively conference wearing fuzzy pajamas and a messed up coif.  That’s what I’m going to do next time.  This time, I hadn’t known whether or not I might be connected via my webcam, so just in case, I was ready. 

I was, however, a little impatient to get going.  That’s me in the picture waiting for the conference, and not knowing until a few minutes later that their servers went down.   Perhaps that had something to do with the almost 900 registrations.  Kudos to the hardy Manitoba crew for putting this together.  I look forward to the next one.

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