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Get Your Conference On...
April 30, 2014
Spring Conference/Awards Banquet 2014  

 No doubt anyone who has read this blog already knows I'm a conference junky.  I genuinely get a lot out of attending and presenting in conferences.  Keeps me on my toes!

This year TESL London has been fortunate to secure some fabulous, thought-provoking presenters, including presenters such as Jason Toole, who will be talking tech, Jeff Gulley, who will be exploring dictionaries in the classroom, Maria Reolin and David Rayo who will both be presenting their own takes on the use of story writing in ESL.  But that's not all... Judy Thompson will make another appearance to talk about her new Pronunciation App.  Lissette Ochoa et al will have a discussion on LMLIP, and Milka Stupar will be talking about the bridging communities and active engagement.  Not to mention Rita Leithead, whose grammar workshop is bursting at the seams. 

I've also heard that there is a spectacular workshop on blogging.  (That's me, in case you hadn't guessed).  We are going to look at blogging as a reflective tool, both for you personally, and professionally.  We will also look at how to use blogging in the classroom to get our learners to reflect and develop writing fluency.  My presentation is packed with examples of the brightest blogs in the blogosphere, to motivate and inspire you.  Stay in the lab and take Ismail's workshop that will take you through setting up your own blog on a free site.

In addition to that, there is a myriad of publishers and exhibitors displaying their wares.  I find that this is a great time to get to see what's out there, what's new, and to talk directly to the publishers.

So, since I'm presenting, I will need some input from you on the other workshops.  What motivated you?  What got you thinking?  Write to me at and I will post your insights here.

It's time to get your conference on!


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