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This blog is to share our resources, book reviews, tips and ideas as a community of language professionals.  If you would like to be a regular contributor, please send an email and an example of a blog post to


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Podcast Interview with Yours Truly
June 26, 2014
In the dreariness and snowiness of winter 2014, LearnIT2Teach stumbled on my teacher blog and decided that they wanted to hear more about my experience with the whole blended learning experiment.  With some hesitation, I agreed.   I hesitated because I tend to sound like a surfer chick when recorded.  Side note: if I know someone is taking my picture, my face contorts to the most unflattering position possible.  Any "good" pictures of me are the results of extra fine lighting and the exact right angle.  And a whole lot of takes...

Back to the subject matter at hand.  I started using LearnIT2Teach in the fall of last year with a group of SLT learners.  I can't imagine running a classroom now without an LMS.  So, enjoy the podcast. 

Of course, as a result of this interview, I have become a semi-celebrity within the exclusive world of ESL in London/Middlesex.  But I will always stop to have a conversation with fellow ESL colleagues, give some insight, sign an autograph or two.  Don't feel shy about approaching me...  If there's one thing I am, it's humble.  In fact, I'm just about the most humble person you'll ever meet. That's got to be one of my greatest qualities.  Also, I love how self-deprecating I am.

If anyone else out there is using an LMS and has an experience or two you'd like to share, please do.  What are your challenges?  How are you using it with your learners?  Where do you see technology being used in your classroom?

You can access the podcast by clicking here>>.


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