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This blog is to share our resources, book reviews, tips and ideas as a community of language professionals.  If you would like to be a regular contributor, please send an email and an example of a blog post to


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January 13, 2015

So we got a bit of snow, eh?  Admit it.  You’re secretly happy about it.  When there was no snow for the seasonal holiday a few weeks back (you know the one I mean, the one with the decorative orbs), we were a little disappointed.  Cold snap is here!  Let’s celebrate it!

Winter Mini PD – January 21, 6-8 PM

For me, it doesn’t matter what the topic is.  The thing I enjoy most about our mid-winter PD events is the chance to catch up with TESL London folks.  It’s a good opportunity to check the pulse of ESL (does it still have one?) and get an idea of what you all are experiencing at your sites. 

So, come on out to St. Patrick’s (Centre for Lifelong Learning) and check out the Tutela mini PD.  There’s an expert coming all the way from Ottawa.  I know her.  Diane Ramanathan is Tutela.

The Pulse… (with LINC funded programs).

Speaking of a pulse, the biggest news for most LINC-funded programs is The Coming of PBLA.  I’ve mentioned it before.  I’m in the application phase for my cohort.  There are some definite positives to the PBLA procedure.  It is relatively painless; so though some of us may be hoping that PBL-Ain’t gonna happen, it already is.  And it’s not too bad.

(Editorial note:  I reserve the right to be grammatically incorrect in order to creatively illustrate a point.  My creative license is good until September, 2017.)

That’s it, folks.  Bundle up.  Go outside and enjoy the awesomeness that living in Southwestern Ontario brings us!  Bring along a toboggan, too, while you still can!

-J. Artan


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