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»   Culture Works is hiring EAP - check out the job ad here...{view link} {view link}

»   Opening remarks from President Zainab {view link}

»   TESL London wine and cheese just getting underway here at the Highland Golf & Country club #londonrocks {view link}

»   George Brown is hiring - check out the job ad here: {view link}

»   @TESLOntario At @torontolibrary for the Peace By Chocolate presentation; a success story for newcomer small busine… {view link}

»   #TESLLondon18 {view link}

»   Free teacher resources thru @JoyOfESL #TESLLondon18 {view link} {view link}

»   Field trips: huge learning potential for our students... couldn’t agree more!#TESLLondon18 {view link}

»   RT @johnsonjlizzy: Covering less to cover more with Kelly Morrissey #TESLLondon18 @CultureWorksEAP {view link}

»   Some awesome resources available - have been hearing about the Nat Geo app @tsepp #TESLLondon18 {view link}

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