Teacher Accreditation

Language instructor accreditation for Ontario is conducted by TESL Ontario. The TESL Ontario Language Instructor Accreditation is designed primarily for those wishing to teach in publicly funded English language instruction programs for adult newcomers to Ontario, namely LINC (Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada) and ELT (Enhanced Language Training). It is TESL Ontario’s responsibility to ensure those who apply for Language Instructor Accreditation to teach LINC and/or ELT in Ontario are qualified. And though not always a requirement, this accreditation is also valued by private language schools.

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Important notes on accreditation:

TESL Ontario's accreditation is different from TESL Canada's accreditation.  To teach in publicly funded programs in Ontario, you need TESL Ontario accreditation.  TESL Canada's accreditation will not be recognized.  

Accreditation for second language instruction in Ontario's elementary and secondary schools, is conducted by Ontario's College of Teachers.