Professional Development

TESL Ontario's Professional Development Requirements

TESL Ontario requires Accredited Language Instructors to engage in 5 PD hours per accreditation year and keep the supporting documentation on file. TESL Ontario monitors its members' PD through a random auditing process on a monthly basis.  Every month, a number of accredited members are selected randomly and a PD submission request letter is mailed out to them, along with the renewal reminder letter, about a month before the renewal due date. Those who receive the submission request will be required to submit their proof of PD by their renewal expiry date to be eligible for accredited membership renewal.

A one-month grace period will be granted if the required PD is not submitted by the renewal due date. At the end of the grace period, accredited membership will lapse if PD is still outstanding. If you receive only the renewal reminder letter, it means you are not being audited for PD. You may proceed with submitting your renewal application and fee at any time before the renewal due date.

Please submit your proof of PD to TESL Ontario only if you are requested to do so.

Recognized PD Activities

TESL Ontario recognizes many activites as professional development.  These activities include:
  • attending conferences
  • taking courses
  • presenting
  • volunteering
  • publishing
  • participating on committees and boards of affiliates
  • learning a second language
  • watching webcasts:  [Free Webcasting:  You can get up to 50 hours of professional development right in your own home!  Every hour of online webcasting will be counted as 1/2 hour of PD. Your USER ID is the same as your membership number and your PASSWORD is 27carlton (all lowercase letters and no space)].

Visit TESL Ontario for a complete list of Recognized PD Activities.

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