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CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT PROPOSAL:  Materials play a large part in our teaching practices.  As educators, we are often confounded by the sheer amount of material available in some areas, and distressed to find relatively nothing in a different area.  

This year, TESL London shines the spotlight on useful, relevant, interactive and engaging materials and resources for our audience of learners in our Spring Conference, 2018, to be held at Huron College in London Ontario on May 5, 2018...

2018 Winter Networking Event - Trivia Challenge
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Thanks for joining TESL London at WINKS on Wednesday, January 31 at 6:00 pm...

It was a spectacular success!  Thanks to all who made it out - we will look at having another event at this venue in the future.  For those of you who were not able to make it, we missed you!
Wine and Cheese October 25th
Nominations 2017
Honour TESL professionals who provide an outstanding educational experience to their students by going above and beyond the expectations of their teaching position. Encourage members to submit nominations for outstanding individuals, including students.

Click HERE for the nomination form.

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YMCA Supply Instructors:

Date:     December 1, 2017           

Role:     Language Skills Program Supply Instructors                        

Locations:   London. Various Locations, (Monday to Friday)


Salary Range:     TBD

Nature and Scope:  The Board/Executive leadership team of the YMCA of Western Ontario shares a vision for the excellence and a commitment to responsible stewardship as a member of the Canadian YMCA movement. The Language Skills Program Instructor is a member of the Newcomer and Community Programs staff. 


Affiliate Service Award

Sharing their time, expertise and commitment, TESL Ontario affiliate volunteers make it possible for our members to connect in their local communities.

Acceptable nominees for the TESL London Affiliate Award include TESL London executive members and members of the affiliate who have contributed freely of their time and energy, exhibiting outstanding, consistent or long-standing commitment to TESL London.

A certificate will be given to the Affiliate Service Award recipient.  The winner will be honoured at our TESL London Spring Awards banquet.


  • shown consistent, long standing or exceptional volunteer service, dedication and commitment to TESL London
  • made noteworthy contributions to TESL London
  • contributed freely of their time, energy, skills and experience


  • nominations must be received at least 5 days prior to annual Wine & Cheese event
  • nomination must be made by a TESL member
  • application must be made on an official application form
  • selection by TESL London Executive 
Affiliate Service Award Nomination Form>>

*Please note that the Nomination and the Letter of Support cannot be provided by family members.

Lifetime Service Award

A certificate will be given to honour the outstanding lifetime accomplishments and contributions of TESL professionals in the areas of classroom teaching, administration, professional development and community involvement.  The winner will be honoured at our TESL London Spring Awards banquet.


  • long standing member of TESL London
  • leaving the profession after a minimum of twenty years of service


  • nominations must be received at least 5 days prior to annual Wine & Cheese event
  • nomination must be made by a TESL member
  • application must be made on an official application form
  • selection by TESL London Executive  

Lifetime Service Award Application Form>>


Learner/Volunteer/Instructor Award

The Learner/Volunteer/Agency/Instructor Award acknowledges the accomplishments and contributions of English language learners (ELL) at the elementary, secondary, and adult levels and the contributions of volunteers and agencies, and instructors that support learners. The winners will also be honoured at our TESL London Spring Awards banquet.


  •  motivation of the learner/volunteer/agency/instructor
  •  contributions to the school and/or community

 For the instructor award:

  • a current teaching engagement
  • minimum of 3 years of teaching experience


  • nominations must be received at least 5 days prior to annual Wine & Cheese event
  • application must be made on an official application form
  • members and non-members can make nominations
  • selection by TESL London Executive committee
  • all recipients will receive a certificate, and recipients in all categories except Agency will receive a Chapters $50 gift card
  • awards will be held in recipient’s name for up to one year after date of award


Learner/Volunteer/Agency/Instructor Award Application Form>>

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Topic: Technology in the ESL classroom. With which statement do you most agree?

Love it! The more the better!
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Like anything else, in moderation only.
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TESL London is committed to providing regional professional development and networking opportunities to Teachers of English as a Second Language in London, Ontario and surrounding areas.  We are an afflilate of TESL Ontario. 

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ISTE2017, San Antonio Part 2
From Teacher to Teacher
August 1, 2017

In this second part of my blog series on ISTE2017, I will focus on some of the themes that I noticed at the conference. The themes I noticed include:

  1. Failure; reflection driving improvement

  2. Learners as edutech creators, not consumers

  3. Digital Citizenship - teaching internet behaviour

  4. The slow morphing of pedagogy with principles of andragogy

  5. Access/Accessibility

In this piece, I will be talking about #1...

ISTE2017, San Antonio Part 1
From Teacher to Teacher
July 6, 2017

Picture of Entrance at Henry B Gonzalez Convention Centre


By: Jen Artan

The multi-tiered freeway bustles with early morning traffic.  From the front of the hotel, a lone Canadian waits anxiously for her Uber. Anxious, because she’s never been in San Antonio before, and also, Uber?  A hesitant first time user, but the location of the last remaining hotel room meant Uber or Taxi.

What is Evidence-Based Assessment?
From Teacher to Teacher
March 26, 2017

What is Evidence-Based Assessment?

By Susan Stitt

First, it’s important to define what assessment is. As educators, I think that we can all agree on the importance of assessment as a process of collecting, examining and using data which is verifiable by means of observation, or experiment.  

Edutech Tools
From Teacher to Teacher
August 7, 2016
While it is still summer vacation, I know that many of us are beginning to think about the fall.  Most teachers I know spend at least some of their holidays creating or editing lessons, finding material, or organizing for the next term.

TESL Ontario Conference - Part 1
From Teacher to Teacher
November 17, 2015
TESL Ontario recently changed conference venues and has gone full circle; the conference was held again at the Sheraton Toronto, which was a bonus for those of us staying at the hotel.  Two jam-packed days of professional development and building your PLN (personal/professional learning networks) kept conference-goers busy.  So much went on that I have decided to split my experience into several parts, and also solicit experiences from other TESL Londoners. [READ MORE]